A little over four years ago I moved back to Dallas from Houston.
I had just gone through a major life change and my hair was falling out by the handfuls.
At the age of 23.

Of course I panicked, but I had greater concerns at the time than my hair.
For years I had been highlighting my hair so I knew when I moved to Dallas I had to promptly find a new stylist.

Enter my hair stylist and friend Charles.

I informed Charles of what was going on and that my hair was falling out rapidly due to stress. Soon after I first met Charles I began using new products and my hair started to improve.

If you have hair loss issues of any kind and you only buy one product from the Alterna line it should be the densifying mousse, this has been such a game changer for me and truly works.

I have used these products for years and I truly do feel as if they have made a difference in the health of my hair.
It’s also good to know that these products do not contain parabens, sulfates, and phthalates!

Hannah Atmar