Anyone want to sleep in longer in the morning?

Once the first week in August rolls around I know I need to start adjusting from my summer sleep schedule to my school sleep schedule
(aka late night Netflix to snoozing my first alarm at 4:30 A.M.)

But, one thing that I can rely on is that I am a creature of habit and routine. Starting in high school (and probably earlier to be honest), I spent my time prepping for the next day ahead. I would lay out my clothes for the next day, place my makeup on the bathroom counter, and make my lunch. This has been my routine for years and I have stuck to it. I know it saves me much needed time in the morning, so if I choose to snooze for five extra minutes I know I will be fine. 

Here are my tips for prepping the night before so you can ease your way into the next morning- 

Tip 1: Make your breakfast! I make a smoothie every night and leave it in the fridge so I have a quick grab-and-go the next morning on my way out the door. 

Tip 2: Make your lunch! I place everything I need for the school day in my lunchbox and pop it in the fridge as well. 

Before I jump to the next tip, I by no means actually meal prep. While I am envious of people who do meal prep, I just haven't researched it enough to feel ready to tackle a task as big as cooking for an entire week ahead of time. But, I know when meal prepping is possible a lot of time is saved throughout the week. I think one day I will get there.

Tip 3: Pick out your clothes for the next day! I pull my outfit (including shoes and accessories) out of my closet and leave them out for the morning. Is anyone else capable of standing in their closet and just staring at everything and not being able to decide what to wear? Last Saturday I swear I stood there for a solid 30 minutes. If you are feeling ambitious, you can pick out your clothes for the entire week ahead- there are cute labels and hangers that you can find with the day of the week printed on them for this purpose. 

Tip 4: Pack your school bag/purse/gym bag/backpack and place by the door! On the rare occasion that I do bring paperwork home from school (and actually take it out of my bag), I make sure to put everything I got out back in it so I am not scrambling the next morning and I don't happen to forget something. I have also found that if I do not pack my gym bag the night before I find an excuse to not pack it in the morning (no time!) and then will end up not going to the gym after school at all. 

Tip 5: Check your planner! My purpose for this is so that I know what is coming the next day, no surprises. I will know if there is a fire drill, testing, or a field trip and be completely prepared for it in regards to what I have to pack that night for the next day. I also make sure to check the weather so I have an idea of the outfit I should wear. 

Other tips that help me throughout the school year are- 
keeping an umbrella and rain jacket in my car at all times, 
placing my skincare and makeup on the bathroom counter for the next morning, 
eeping travel-size items in my school bag at all times (hairbrush, toothbrush, deodorant), 
having multiple alarms set on my phone on the rare occasion I sleep through the first alarm,
keeping a backup breakfast in my desk at school (K-Cup and granola bar) 
keeping a portable charger in my school bag in case I forget to charge my phone at night

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." 
John C. Maxwell 

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