Does anxiety and stress affect your skin? 
For me it one hundred percent does.

My skin seemed to rapidly change once I hit 25. I grew up very very rarely getting a blemish, but once I hit that magic age as previously stated all of the sudden...they just appeared over night. 
And I was devastated. That could sound dramatic to you, but truly, I was devastated. If there is one thing I spend money on it is skincare, so I just could not figure out that issue I was having. 

I visited my dermatologist who prescribed me three different medications. 
I am not a fan of taking medication when I could solve the issue another way, so that only lasted a couple months for me before I decided to go a different path.
I started to use an expensive skincare line and it truly made a difference for me. 
But, I still noticed that my skin would flare up when under stress. And that, is mostly from my job. 

While teaching is one of the biggest joys in my life, and the good days far outweigh the not so good, it is quite stressful.
There's really no need to elaborate on this topic, because we as teachers all know that this is a truth. 

So, I sought out a skincare solution I have never done before- 
a facial! 
I have pretty sensitive skin, so I have always been hesitant to try a facial. Also, when I go to the spa I always lean towards getting a massage. The stress on my skin had finally gotten to me and I decided to just go for it.

Below, I share my experience with you as well as some tips & trips I picked up for stressed out skin. 

  • Diet plays a key role in your skin. I have always known this, my parents taught it to me and now I tell it to my teenagers at school. But, it is driven home when you have an esthetician tell you. 
  • If you are constantly breaking out and you feel like it might not be stress related, it could easily be a food allergy. You can always get a blood test to see if you are sensitive to some foods. This can change with age. 
  • Vitamin C. Are the products you are using have Vitamin C? Do you take a Vitamin C supplement? I answered no to both of those questions when asked my Shelby, my esthetician. I asked her what vitamin best helps the skin, something that you can truly notice results with- and she answered Vitamin C. She personally uses the brand Beauty Chef which can be purchased through Sephora. Shelby also take Omegas, which she buys through Whole Foods. The brand is Nordic. These are two supplements I am going to test out myself. Because my daily adult gummy vitamin is not cutting it for me. 
  • Check for the ingredients in the skincare products you are using. I have never done this. And come to find out the skincare line I was using (for three years...) contained sulfa, which I am allergic to and have known that my entire life. It took Shelby less than 5 minutes to look up the ingredients in my old skincare line to tell me what they contained. 
  • If you can, get a facial every 4-6 weeks or at minimum quarterly. As mentioned before, this was my first ever facial. At the age of 27. How did I never do this before?! I asked Shelby her opinion on how often one should get a facial and the above was her answer. She said at bare minimum visit twice a year so you can really detox and clear your skin. 

Overall, I loved my experience and would one hundred percent recommend it to anyone! I have already made my next appointment. 

Below are the products that I purchased on my visit. Several items I already owned (muslin cloths, a mask, and the anti-bump treatment) and loved them, so I am really excited to now have the full line of products. Also, did I mean they are having their annual anniversary sale through September 2nd?? All products are 15% off! 

Be sure to check out the website where you can take a quiz on your skin type and find the products made just for your skin. 

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