If you look inside my work bag you will see one thing. 
Pouches for everything. 
Everything has a pouch. 

But it's what is inside these pouches that really matter. 
Over the years I have discovered what is worth toting around to and from home.

My must-have essentials for my work bag

1. Travel size toothbrush & toothpaste - because you never know what you might eat & who you might have to meet
2. Mints - double protection for the above reason
3. Hand sanitizer - let me list all the reasons: working with kids, picking up trash off your classroom floor, touching door knobs, public/school restrooms, this list could go on forever
4. Hand lotion - are you one of those people who have to use lotion as soon as you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer? That's me! I always have a mini lotion in my pouch
5. Hair ties - you never know when you will need to pull your hair back or assist another person in need of a hair tie (because there's always someone needing one of these guys right?!)
6. Nail file - I cannot count how many times I have broken a nail at work...a broken nail can be devastating (especially when you just got them done!), but a nail file always comes to the rescue
7. Blotting sheets - no one wants a shiny face so these little guys come in handy. I once had a student tell me they liked my highlight (and obviously I wasn't wearing highlight to school)
8. Lip balm - does anyone else's lips get chapped real quick? My lip balm is glued to me all day and night
9. Portable phone charger - have you ever woken up to a phone at 5% and think "I thought I plugged that in last night to charge?!" This is where the portable charger comes into play when I don't have time to fully charge my phone like I intended. It's also nice to have in case I have to make unexpected stops after work before going home
10. Pressed powder & travel size powder brush - for touch ups throughout a busy day
11. Travel size perfume - got to stay smelling fresh! 
12. All the lipgloss & lipstick I can fit in the pouch! 

Pouch Essentials 

Hannah Atmar