How often do you unplug from technology? 
Last year, my fourth year of teaching, this was one of my goals for the school year. 
(Goal-do not answer work emails once you are home, unless it is an emergency)
I have also heard of people just plain taking their work email off of their phone, another good option. 

I plan on continuing last year's goal this school year with one addition- 
to be off of my phone and computer by 7:00 PM. 
This gives me time away from a screen and time to relax before bedtime, and hopefully in turn fall asleep quicker and stay asleep throughout the night. 

So, what are the actual benefits to unplugging? 

  • Overall quality of life: Once you unplug you have more time for face-time instead of screen-time! More time to spend with family, friends, pets, you name it. You also free up time to participate in your hobbies, such as exercising, reading, cooking. 
  • Recharged for a new work day: Time spent away from your work email and lesson plans gives you space to focus on other things in your life, not work. I know when I take a day away from emails I am able to focus better and tend to be more creative the following day. 
  • Better sleep: Who doesn't need more and better quality sleep?! My downfall is that I use my phone as an alarm and I use that as an excuse to keep my phone on my nightstand, and in turn fall asleep quite often while scrolling through my phone. I need to invest in an old school alarm clock. When you don't sleep next to your phone you are less likely to be woken up by messages and notifications, and in turn sleep through the night. Research also suggests that the blue light that our phones radiate also makes it difficult for our bodies to fall asleep. 

So, are these benefits appealing to you? I know they are for me. This is why I plan on doing much better this school year with unplugging. 

Items I use to unwind after I unplug 

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