If you're anything like me, you come home from a long school day and jump straight into making dinner and then you begin to wind down for the evening. 
My first three years teaching I had a terrible work-life balance and would only exercise on weekends, because I was completely overwhelmed during the work week. Then, last year I made a personal goal of focusing more on myself during the school year so I could relieve my work induced anxiety. 

I am a naturally high strung person, I constantly want my email inbox at zero and I always want to be marking items off of my to-do lists. I knew starting last school year that I needed to find some sort of exercise program where I could decompress after a long day and take my mind off of that to-do list at least for an hour. 

Yoga it was. I have never loved a work out more than I love yoga. 
My students knew every Tuesday and Thursday I went to yoga and I wouldn't be staying after school. And man, was it a game changer. 
I felt more rested, not as 'on edge', and of course I felt more fit. 

As a teacher I know how hard pressed we are on time and the need to better balance our personal lives with our work lives. Below, I have rounded up quick exercises that are work week-friendly. 

Short on time? These exercises are for you! 

  • Tone It Up: Everyday they post a 20 minute workout on their website that is free. They also have an app where you can access the free workouts as well as purchase studio classes where you can invite your friends to participate too (hello accountability!) 
  • BBG/Sweat: The Bikini Body Guide/Sweat App is my go-to for home workouts. This is a 28 minute workout that you follow on your phone and progressively gets more difficult each week as you build up your strength. I started doing this in place of my yoga classes if for some reason I was unable to make my class. 
  • Beach Body Express Programs: When you visit the Beach Body website there are several express workouts offered that are under 30 minutes, such as 80 Day Obsession, Yoga, and a program called Double Time where you can workout with a partner for the 30-day program. 
  • Do some research- there are many completely free workout routines posted online, like this Shape article where it shows step-by-step practices for a 30-minute workout. 
  • Set a timer and take a walk outside! I got really good about doing this once or twice a week in the spring (when there was cooler temps!) and I loved it. Being outside really helped me clear my head and once I returned home I felt more stress-free and clear minded. 

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