I often write of how to unwind after work, but what about preparing your mind before the day gets started? 

Since college I have been reading a devotional (almost) every morning. I do my best to read before I get out of bed and I begin my morning routine. I've found if I don't read at that very moment then I won't read at all. Being honest here, there are some days when I simply forget and begin my to do list. One way I keep from breaking my routine is to keep my current devotional on my night stand, right by my bed. This way when I reach to turn on my lamp, the book is right there in my line of sight. 

My very first devotional was Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I love how the book is set up by date. This devotional will always be my go to. 

I am currently reading Everyday Holy: Finding a Big God in the Little Moments by Melanie Shankle. I was instantly attracted to this devotional because of how relevant it is to our time in society right now. 

"On any given day, you may be asking yourself:
- Is Instagram making me crazy, or am I actually supposed to have a perfectly curated cup of coffee on my artfully rumpled throw blanket every morning?
- Doubts about my faith are normal, right?

- Is eating cookie dough straight from the fridge fine as long as it's organic?"

Another favorite of mine is God's Words of Life for Women by Zondervan. I bought this devotional when I was under a great amount of stress- the end of an relationship, leaving a job, moving to a new city, finding a new job. I love how this devotional is set up topically, so you don't have to read in order if you don't want to. There's chapters on anxiety, changes, conflict, encouragement, and many more. So, when I was feeling one way I could just turn to that chapter and read scripture regarding that emotion. 

My favorite part of the day is in the morning when all is quite and I have yet to fully start my day. I am able to focus on what is truly important, my relationship with God. 

Here are some other devotionals, books & bible study tools I am interested in

Want the teacher bible verses printable I created? Download below! 

Teacher Bible Verses


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