Does the ever-present social media skincare tool actually work?

That was my first thought when I was researching where I should buy a jade roller from. Because all of the pretty instagram pictures suckered me in and I knew I had to try it for myself. 

Before we get into if the jade roller actually works, how to use it, and the benefits of jade rolling I'll give a brief explanation of the history of jade rolling- because the jade roller isn't exactly a new trendy skincare tool. 

According to the majority of news media, the jade roller has been used in Chinese beauty rituals for centuries. So why the resurgence all of the sudden?

Price point. 
There are so many beauty tools out there, and many of them are not cheap. Beauty upkeep can be so taxing and so expensive (am I right or am I right?). I purchased my jade roller from Herbivore Botanicals for $25, but you can easily find a jade roller for much cheaper- like this one on Amazon. I found some as cheap as $7.99 on Amazon, though I cannot say I am sure of the quality (always read reviews!). 

Now to the good stuff- how to use a jade roller and the benefits. 

How to use - 

  • Start with cleaning your face, you only want to use your jade roller on clean skin. 
  • You can either jade roll with clean skin and no product or you can use a serum or oil. 
  • Start at your chin and roll up towards your ear if you are working on 'cutting' your cheekbones. 
  • For forehead use- roll from the eyebrow up towards your hairline. 
  • Always roll up! This is the most important tip I have learned. 
  • You can also jade roll on your neck! 

Benefits - 

  • The jade roller is said to sculpt your features on your face, i.e. 'cutting' your cheekbones. This is done by way of encouraging drainage and toning the muscles on your face. 
  • Skin brightening- by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin. 
  • For me, the jade roller has also helped with my headaches. I leave my jade roller in the fridge so it can get extra cold, and then I roll it on my face. For someone who gets frequent headaches this has been a great toll to use in lieu of medicine. 

If you don't already have a jade roller as part of your beauty routine, you need one! This little tool really helps me unwind and decompress from a long day while also benefiting my skin. 


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