Do you drink a cup every morning?

On average, over fifty percent of Americans over the age of eighteen years old drink coffee everyday. This is over 150 million Americans drinking coffee every single day.

I use to fall in the other almost fifty percent category - I didn’t drink coffee.
It wasn’t until recently, as in the past year or two, that I steadily made coffee apart of my everyday routine. Lately, during this current school year, I will have one cup every morning via my classroom Keurig. That’s how much I have started to drink coffee, I now have a classroom Keurig.

But also lately, my skin has noticeably worsened. I think there are multiple factors coming into play - skin changing with age, stress, and yes, coffee intake. All through high school, college, and my early twenties I never had any skin issues, it wasn’t until recently (the past six months) that I have seen a noticeable change.

I have always been conscious of the products I use, how often and with what I wash my face, pillowcases, vitamins, eating healthy - you name it. I have also been getting regular facials. But yet, here I am - teaching high school and feeling like I have skin like I am in high school.

This week I have challenged myself.
Do not drink any coffee. At all.
My mission is to slowly build up to where I no longer drink coffee at all.
I’m curious how. my skin will react to this (hopefully for the better!)

Through some research, I have realized that I am not alone in this endeavor. Below, you will find
how coffee can affect your skin.

  • Just like alcohol, coffee dehydrates our bodies. Coffee is a diuretic, which means it causes you to lose hydration - hence dehydrated skin and a lack of a ‘glow’.

  • The dehydration caused by coffee can also cause toxic buildup, which can lead to acne.

  • Do you take milk or sugar in your coffee? These two items can also trigger acne.

  • Coffee is acidic and contains high levels of caffeine, which can trigger the stress response in your body. This can put your adrenal glands into overdrive, pumping out stress hormones in response. This can cause more oil to be produced, pores clogging, and acne forming.

    So here’s to the no coffee challenge - follow along with me on Instagram to see the results and how long I can last (fingers crossed) with no coffee.

Want your coffee fix without drinking it?

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