With winter break here, my couch and a good book are calling my name.
Before the break began, I set a goal for myself -

unplug from social media.

And here I am a week later! No Instagram posting, blog writing, Pinterest pinning.
The world of social media can get overwhelming, am I right?
I enjoy creating content + writing posts, but the constant upkeep of Instagram stories + answering messages can fog my mind at times.

So, for my sanity, I gave it all up for a week. And how do I feel about it all now?
Here is a rundown of my 5 takeaways from my social media cleanse -

  1. I am present

    For my family (and pup!). They have my full attention, not my “ I’m multitasking while scrolling and listening to you” attention.

  2. More time to spend truly relaxing

    And doing the things I love, like reading, writing, and just simply being.

  3. Productivity + creativity has risen

    Surprisingly enough. Even though this is winter break and I am relaxing, I have also deep cleaned the entire house + have checked off quite a few items on my wedding planning to-do list.

  4. I sleep better

    It’s that simple. I haven’t been scrolling while in bed trying to fall asleep. Scrolling in bed tends to lead to running through my to-do list, making it difficult for my brain to shut off.

  5. Stress + anxiety has decreased

    While I love staying in touch with friends + making new friends on social media, finding new ideas, and creating content - social media gives me anxiety like no other. Sometimes it is almost like a game of catch up, and it can be draining.

    Sometimes a break is all you need to recenter + gain clarity

    For more on unplugging, check out an August post about the benefits of taking a technology cleanse.

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