Have you put much thought into the pillowcase you lay your head on each night?

Pillowcases can trap heat, sweat, and bacteria - which can lead to skin problems.

So, how can we combat this? First, I believe it starts with the pillowcase you use. These days there is a pillowcase for every skincare problem



dry skin

Here is a great article for difference pillowcases based on skin type with dermatologist feedback.

After you have the pillowcases of your dreams, you have to take proper care of it to get the true skin benefits. Below are some tips for pillowcase care -

  • Wash regularly, as in once a week (or more frequently depending on how often you wear makeup or if you have acne prone skin)

  • When washing use fragrance-free detergent and avoid fabric softeners, especially if you have sensitive skin (like me!)

  • Wash with hot water, this will kill the bacteria

  • Make sure all makeup is removed, if products are not completely washed from your face (and even hard products!) then they can seep into your pillowcase, which can cause breakouts

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Hannah Atmar