I taught Angelica for two years in my Practicum in Education class and she recently graduated in 2017. This is where she says she found her passion for teaching. To say I miss her in my class is an understatement! Luckily, I still see her several times a year when she comes to visit me at school. Angelica has worked at one of our local daycare centers for two years now and she absolutely loves it! As a teacher there is no better feeling than seeing a student who has graduated living out her passion everyday.

Below Angelica shares her views on teaching and education with me as well as a small peek into her own classroom -

Q: Why do you want to become a teacher?
A: I want to make a great impact on my students and become an important role in their learning and lives the same way my teachers were in mine.

Q: What grade and subject are you interested in teaching and why?
A: I would love to teach Algebra at the secondary level. I personally loved math, but I remember while in high school some students had a difficult time because the classroom setting was boring, not interesting enough. Therefore, I want to become the teacher that makes learning fun!

Q: Think about your favorite teacher. Why were they your favorite? How did they motivate you to become a teacher?
A: My favorite teacher was always there for me, she helped motivate me to never give up and think positive. Till this day I think of what she did for me. It motivates me to want to impact my students lives the same way she did for me.

Q: What do you hope to establish when you have your own classroom?
A: When I have my own classroom I want it to be a safe and fun learning environment for my students. I want them to feel comfortable in my class.

Hannah Atmar