Giovanny is a student at Texas State University majoring in Family and Child Development with a Teacher Certification. He is a proud first generation college student raised by a single mother. I taught Giovanny my second year teaching and first year in my current school district. Giovanny interned in a pre-k classroom his senior year in high school and has worked at a daycare center since graduating high school. Kind, compassionate, and determined are some words I would use to describe Giovanny.

Q: Why do you want to become a teacher?
A: The caring and supportive role that my teachers played in my life inspired me to pursue a career in education. My goal is to impact our future generations.

Q: What grade and subject are you interested in teaching and why?
A: My goal is to teach Family and Consumer Sciences at the high school level. My high school years were the most memorable- not only did I discover my career choice, but I also built strong bonds with my teachers and I hope to do that with my future students.

Q: What do you hope to establish when you have your own classroom?
A: In my own classroom, not only will it be my duty to promote a love for learning, but I want my students to feel at home away from home. My classroom will be a place where my students can grow academically and as individuals.

Q: What would you change about our country’s public school system?
A: Teachers deserve a higher pay. They should not have to leave this profession or work separate jobs to make ends meet. Also, finance class should be a requirement in high school. There should be more promotion for health, mental health, and social services in school for high school students. Lastly, make higher education more affordable.

Q: What do you hope for our country’s future educators?
A: I hope that we’re able to retain our teachers. I am also certain that, now more than ever, there are teachers who are truly passionate about this amazing profession and I hope that number will continue to grow.

Hannah Atmar