Meet Carly, a very soon-to-be high school senior.
Carly will be a first generation college student next year and plans on majoring in early childhood education. 
This will be my third year in a row to teach Carly and I remember that year as if it was yesterday! Carly is extremely creative, always well prepared, and has the kindest heart. 

Hear what Carly has to say about education below- 


Q: Why do you want to become a teacher?
A: It has always been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. I genuinely LOVE being in a classroom. 

Q: What is one thing that you wish teachers today knew?
A: I wish teachers knew that a test can't define who a person is. We are all smart in our own ways. 

Q: The ideal teacher is...
A: the nice yet stern teacher. The teacher that students trust and can go to them with anything. The teacher is funny, but knows how to put their foot down and students will respect. 

Hannah Atmar