Meet Machaila! 

Machaila is a current high school senior and this is my third year teaching her (where has the time gone)!
Upon graduation this spring, Machaila will be a first generation college student who plans on majoring in Early Childhood Education. 


Q: What is one thing that you wish teachers today knew?
A: That they're making a difference no matter what they do, whether it be positive or negative. So they should always try and be positive. 

Q: The ideal teacher is...
A: involved in their students' lives and tries to build a relationship with them while teaching them what they need to know. 

Q: When I am a teacher I will...
A: try to understand every one of my students and try to make our class a fun and exciting environment to learn in. 

" My favorite teacher was my favorite because she never gave up on me no matter who many times I failed or wanted to quit. She made me a better person and I want to change other students' lives too."  

Hannah Atmar