Andrew is a recent high school graduate who interned in an elementary music classroom this past school year. Andrew says
"As a student I give 100% effort when I know the teacher truly cares about what they are teaching." 
Music plays a big role in Andrew's life and he feels that every student should learn to play an instrument or sing. 


Q: What is the most difficult part of being a student in today's schools? What could teachers do to help students?
A: Motivation is very difficult for students. Teachers could prove real world uses of what they're teaching to enable students to find a passion. 

Q: The ideal teacher is...
A: a teacher who is 100% committed to teaching their students while also committing time to a student's needs in their education and their personal lives. 

Q: Think about your favorite teacher, why were they your favorite? How did they motivate you to become a teacher?
A: They were effective in teaching and were there to help me on a personal level. They spent the time to guarantee my understanding. They were able to show me the full extent of how impactful someone can be. 

Hannah Atmar