Samantha is a recent high school graduate who has a passion for teaching! She is patient, gentle, giving, and always kind. I taught Samantha for two years, she interned in a fourth grade classroom and a Pre-K classroom this past school year. Typing this, I realize how much I will miss her this upcoming school year. I know she will continue to do great things outside of my classroom and will make a great educator. 
Samantha plans on becoming an early childhood teacher upon college graduation. 


Q: The ideal teacher is...
A: someone who is understanding and is great at what they teacher. 

Q: What would you change about our country's public school system?
A: I would change the way they treat everyone differently. 

Q: Schools should do more of _________
A: life lessons for students. 

Q: When I am a teacher I will...
A: try my hardest to always be happy with my job and always make my students happy. 

Hannah Atmar