Meet Kevin, a high school senior who will be graduating in just under two weeks. Kevin will be attending the University of North Texas this fall and plans on earning a degree in music education. Through his leadership experiences and influence from previous teachers, Kevin has come to realize his passion for teaching and hopes to combine that passion with his music skills to become a high school band director. 


Q: Why do you want to become a teacher?
A: I enjoy guiding the growth and development of young minds and preparing them for their futures. 

Q: What would you change about our country's public school system?
A: Teachers should be paid based on effectiveness, not based on experience. 

Q: The ideal teacher is...
A: always willing to put their students' education and safety above all else. 

Q: What is one thing that you wish teachers today knew?
A: Students can't learn by going against their grain, teachers must be adaptable. 

Q: When I am a teacher I will...
A: Make sure I've done all I can to help a student with any situation. 

Hannah Atmar