It’s my golden birthday - I am 28 on July 28th!
To celebrate, I’ve reflected on why I love being a teacher, sharing my 28 reasons below.

1.   The long-lasting relationships I get to build - with my students, colleagues, and community members. 

2.   Having the opportunity to prepare relevant lessons for my students. Identifying how I can make the standards applicable to my students’ lives is a challenge that I enjoy, and that I know my students appreciate. 

3.   As an introvert (who never planned on becoming a teacher), I have consistently been pushed outside of my comfort zone and I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish as the “shy” girl. 

4.   Collaborating! Whether at PD sessions or via Instagram, it is such a blessing to bounce ideas off of other educators that I can take back to my classroom and share with my students. 

5.   The community of educators – what other group of people can be so passionate about their jobs yet understand the importance of a good vent session about the everyday struggles of education?!

6.   The sense of home that can be created in a classroom. There was a point in my life where my classroom was very much my home and safe haven. Before I became a teacher I didn’t know something like this could exist outside of a traditional home, and now during summer or on holiday breaks I start to miss my school home. 

7.   Watching my students experience something for the first time. Whether it’s a field trip, a state competition, a first flight, or building relationships with school district officials – seeing the excitement and joy in their eyes is my version of kids on Christmas morning. 

8.   Showing students all of the opportunities they have available to them! 

9.   Students and colleagues becoming family. 

10. Seeing students continue to succeed after graduation – nothing makes me smile more. 

11. Laughing at all the things students say. 

12. Being able to stay current in the latest slang, music, memes, Youtube videos, ect. I can always one up my friends with what my students teach me! 

13. Eating lunch with my students, it is so much more entertaining than eating in the teacher’s lounge. This is also how I build stronger relationships with my kids.

14. Working with people who understand my addiction to coffee. 

15. The handwritten cards that I keep in a box and pull out on a tough day to read. 

16. Meeting my students’ families. Once you get to high school you don’t have too many people that visit you at Meet the Teacher Night, but the ones that do I enjoy getting to see the connection between my student and their family. 

17. Watching my students perform in their extracurriculars – football games, band performances, student council, you name it. I believe it’s important to show students that their passions are valid and that someone is there to support them. 

18. The constant evolution of education + the teaching profession. This is certainly a double-edged sword, but at times I really love it. I enjoy continuing to learn and having to stay current in my practices so my students can receive the education they deserve. 

19. THE ADVOCACY! Every teacher I know is passionate and advocates about something in our profession – that is one of the reasons I was drawn to teaching. 

20. The creative outlet that is teaching, being able to create curriculum and lasting memories for my students. 

21. The first week + fall semester of the school year. I love the excitement and busy-ness of the fall and all the school activities. 

22. School supplies. There I said it. Please let me know if there is a teacher out there that doesn’t love some fresh new school supplies. 

23. Taking my students out of the classroom. Whether it’s down the street to the elementary school or out of state to RCA, I want my students to experience the world outside of the school building. 

24. Helping students develop their passions + career ambitions – and then seeing what they choose to do after graduation! 

25. Student’s silly story telling! These kids can tell a good story, and they always know how to make me laugh – even on the tough days. Humor is so important in this profession – take a break and laugh with the kids! 

26. The challenge to better myself as a teacher. Sometimes it can be draining, and sometimes I need to slow down and have grace with myself. But, I do love continuing to learn and better my practices, for myself + my students. 

27. The comradery that can occur between teachers. I can be new to a district, walk into a PD session without knowing anyone, or shopping in the Target Dollar Spot and in all three places I have met great and welcoming teachers. It’s like we’re all a part of a club. 

28. There are constant sources of inspiration – from students, to colleagues, and teachers on Instagram who I have never met. I never tire of hearing peoples’ stories and finding ways that I can apply it to my life + my classroom. This profession has made me a better person. 

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