So, you just graduated right?
What’s your plan? Have you applied for any jobs yet? Have you already secured a job? What grade level are you teaching? Oh, you’re in that school district?

Wait, you need a moment to catch your breath?
Graduating comes with a flurry of questions as soon as you exit the stage, or maybe even before you cross the stage.

I asked four teachers I admire, from elementary to high school, for their advice for recent college graduates and soon-to-be teachers - and y’all this is some good stuff.

lessons_and _lattes

Ok so my biggest piece of advice is to never be afraid to ask all the questions and admit when you don’t know something. You’re a first year teacher, and as my mentor told me, “We don’t expect you to know everything, but we do expect you to learn.” Asking questions doesn’t make you look unqualified. It makes you look like you’re still willing to learn even after the degree is earned. Because college doesn’t prepare you for everything. Student teaching doesn’t prepare you for everything. You learn by trying. And failing. And asking for help. Just like all the veteran teachers did (and sometimes still do!).


My advice to future teachers is to be yourself in the classroom and build authentic relationships with your students! You and your students will enjoy coming to your class so much more if you know and care for one another!


Find a supportive mentor teacher, ask them a lot of questions, and stick to them like glue! Communicate positively with parents, build relationships with students, and always remember you will get better and better every year. Teaching is a craft and you will get better at it over time.


When you are interviewing, don’t be afraid to be honest and reflective with the administrators and teachers conducting the interview. Don’t be afraid to talk about a time when a lesson was unsuccessful or you struggled with classroom management. Discuss what you’ve learned and what you would do differently. These reflective practices are so important and will show administrators that you are developing a habit of self-assessing your teaching practices and looking for ways to improve.

Each of these ladies know a thing or two, be sure to give them a follow to gain more insight into their classrooms + how they manage the teacher life.

Like Rebekah from @lessons_and_ lattes said, college and student teaching do not prepare you for everything. Know going into the crazy world of education that you will most certainly learn as you go and make such as massive impact as you do.

Welcome to the greatest profession of them all, you will do great things!

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