Do you have any dream school supplies that you just think
"Man, if I could just spend all my money on school supplies I would buy..."?

That's what this post is all about! 
If I could buy my dream school supplies it would be these items, just because they're pretty of course, no real practical reason. 


Like I really need another pencil pouch. 
But the saying rings true for every teacher and I am all about the colors. 
Pencil Pouch


Tell me this isn't the cutest little tape dispenser you've ever laid your eyes on! 
And the pretty tape, all the heart eyes here. 
Cutie Tape Dispenser


I got these in my stocking for Christmas and was so excited. 
If you have a planner there is already a sheet of stickers inside, but obviously you need more right?


This has been my planner for the past two years and I LOVE it! I always have people at school ask where I got it from and want to look at it. 
Now, this is not what I would call a "teacher" planner, there are no lesson plan pages, data tracking, grading, etc. But regardless, I love it and will continue to use it as long as it is sold. 


Hocus pocus everyone focus! 
This aromatherapy room spray is so cute, and also on sale! 
This would also be a label you could create yourself to put on your own bottle of room spray if you wanted. 
Aromatherapy Spray


I am all about the gold school supplies. 
100 gold paperclips and this cutie marble paperclip keeper for $12- that's a deal y'all! 
Paperclips & Paperclip Keeper


Macaroon anyone?
Love these fun erasers! $3 if you're looking for some new erasers! 
Macaroon Erasers 


Where are my pastel lovers at?
I always lean towards the lighter colors when shopping and I have never seen these colors in this exact pen! I love the Pilot pens and I might just hint that I would love these in my Christmas stocking this year. 


I have been lusting after wobbly stools for my high school students. 
I love that these are white (lots of other colors available!) and that they make a size that my students could use. 
Wobbly Stool


Another flexible seating option that I love! Also with quite a few color options. 
Lap Desk

Can you say classroom goals?

In reality I know these items don't really make a classroom, it's the students and the things we do inside our four walls. 

It's just always fun to take a peak at items like this and dream, right? 

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