Sure, the Dollar Spot has plenty of cute notepads and gel pens for a great deal. 
But will I actually use them?
Chances are slim, because in my mind they're too cute to use. Anyone else like this? 

Going into my fifth year of teaching I have gotten way better at buying supplies that I know my students and I will actually use (and use multiple times). 

Here are my tried and true items that I keep stocked in my classroom, all from Amazon. 

I always have a clipboard on hand, I take roll while I greet the students at the door using the clipboard. I like that this clipboard is plastic and opens so you can put paperwork inside. 

Please show me a teacher who doesn't love a fresh pack of flair pens! 
Fun fact: I didn't start using flair pens until last school year. Instantly hooked and now understand the obsession. 
I feel like this item is a treat to buy yourself, that only you use when writing in your planner or jotting down notes. 
Flair Pens

Now I don't speed much time writing on the white board during my classes, but I do have the objective/closing task/supplies needed/reminders always written down. I have used other brands of dry erase markers and I have never liked any of them as much as the Expo brand. Usually that is because I have to scrub the board to even erase the other marker brands. 
Dry Erase Markers

LOVE me a good anchor chart. 
Now, this brand anchor chart pad is a little pricey but you get two pads and I like that they stick to the board or wall. I used to use a store brand pad and would tape the chart on my cinder block wall and they would always fall off. This pad solved my problem! 
Anchor Chart Pad

I love this little notepad!
This notepad is different from all others because of the divider tabs. I specifically purchased this to use in my planner when I take notes at PTSA and committee meetings. And when it's under $5.00 it's a must have in my book! 
Divider Notes

Name badge labels, what for?!
On occasion I do actually use these to print cute name badges for my kids, but usually it is to label interactive notebooks and folders! There's just something inside of me that loves the cohesiveness when all the notebooks and folders are labeled the same. 

More labels!! 
These are pretty self explanatory, I use these to label my file folders by topic. 
Just like the other labels, I like the cohesiveness so I prefer to use labels instead of physically writing on the folders. 
File Folder Labels

Now, I know pink file folders are not necessary but they make filing so much better in my mind. 
Imagine, pink file folders and the above labels! A match made in filing heaven. 
File Folders

THESE magnets!
I got lucky and found a bunch of them leftover in my classroom from the previous teacher who had my room. They work significantly better than the cheap ones I have purchased at Walmart where it was like a 12 pack for two dollars. These magnets actually hold things up on the board. I've had several anchor charts held up at once by two clips on each side when I am flipping between them. 
Magnets that actually do their job

Yep, painter's tape. 
I use this when we play games. Painter's tape works well on the floor and walls because it does not stick like other tape would, so it is easy to peel off. 

Lastly, these pretty pastel highlighters!
Last year I saw them all over Instagram and I had to have them. As a pastel color lover how could I not buy these?
If you're going to splurge on some supplies that is just for you, this is my pick. 
Pastel Highlighters

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