The question is always why.
Why do people make the decisions they do?
Why do they perform the actions they do?
And the question I asked these five educators is why do you choose to stay a teacher?

Why do you choose to not leave?

There is no need to go on a tangent as to why education is a difficult world to work in.
What we as educators are up against is no joke.
Teachers everyday leave for very, very valid reasons.
And each time I read a new article, or open a video clip a friend sends me about this topic, my heart aches. It is a true physical hurt, your heart weighs a little more than it did before.

Because really, I feel as if these educators are left no choice to leave sometimes.
It is scary to think of what education is becoming. And when I think about that, I think about the future teachers out there.
Does it scare them too?
Will this deter them from pursuing this profession?
Or will it motivate them even more?
To be the change.
To be apart of the revolution.

I like to think the latter.

So, future teachers, and current teachers wondering if they can make it through another day, here is what these veteran teachers shared with me that motivates them to stay in the classroom -

  • @teachovertherainbow: What motivates me to stay a teacher is the impact I have on students who come from troubled homes. For some reason I can connect with behavioral challenged students that come from troubled homes. It is my hope that at some point in their future they will stay on a successful path because of the positive impact I had on them as a teacher.

  • @engagingandeducating: Being a teacher means having the privilege to walk into a classroom and not only teach students academics but educate them on how to be kind, respectful, and positive contributors to society. I want all my students to know it’s okay to make mistakes but these mistakes don’t define us, mistakes teach us and help us grow. I love being a teacher and watching my students build relationships with one another, grow as leaders and future world changers, and build a passion for learning.

  • @beautygeeksciencefreak: I CHOSE to be a teacher because I wanted to inspire students to learn about the world around them. Now, I CHOOSE to teach because those students need us. Sometimes we’re the only positive mentor they have in their lives and that’s huge.

  • @southern.teachernista: What motivates me each day, is knowing that for most of my students I am the only consistent person cheering for them. Seeing them slowly recognize their worth and growth even as young as 7yrs old. Everyday is a new slate when I walk in the door. No matter how rough they day before was.

  • @primaryshannonigans: Growing up I had always volunteered with kid programs at my church and realized at a young age that it was something I loved doing and felt natural at. People always told me teaching was “awful” so I told myself I was going to college to study Environmental Sciences instead of Education. One month of classes was all it took for me to realize I NEEDED to teach to pursue my passion, and I thankfully changed my major! Five years later I can tell you yes, teaching is work, but the love and passion I have for this career is an innate part of me. I truly believe we all have talents and gifts, and whatever they may be we are to share them with the world. In teaching I have realized that I have the ability to positively impact a child in the way they learn, play, and even live. The little hugs, smiles, and “light bulb” moments from my students are what keep me pushing through the “work” of teaching to continue pursuing my passion!

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