Happy Sunday friends! 

I've spent the morning at the gym and hanging out with my pup, Cuppy. I'm aiming to make today a productive Sunday with my return to school less than a month away now (where has time gone?!) I hope you spend today doing whatever you feel like doing, whether that be watching Netfix or planning first week activities for back to school! 

Here are my Summer Sunday shares for the week- 

1. This cutie notebook is on my Amazon B2S wishlist 

2. Both of these pants are on my shopping list for B2S - pant 1/pant 2 (I also love that they offer petite sizes!)

3. Bought this lavender lotion this week and I am obsessed! 

4.  I just finished this book yesterday and now I've moved on to this current read

5. I LOVE this teacher sticker set created by a fellow teacher! 

6. I'm really wanting to try this massaging beauty roller for my face - considering purchasing soon

7. I also really want to try this age defy pillow!  

8. Love this t-shirt for work and casual wear AND it is 40% off today with code THANKU

9. Clearly back to school shopping is on my mind- loving this dress and it's in our school color! 

10. Loving these wiggle seats- even my high school kids love them! Considering getting some seat bands too 

Happy Sunday! 

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