Y'all, the school year is getting closer and closer. 
Lately I have made it a point to make sure I balance work (lesson planning) with enjoying the remainder of my summer. I hope you are doing the same! Soon enough the chaos will ensue. 

My plan for this Sunday is to grocery shop, run a couple errands, and spend the rest of the day with my pup, Cuppy. 

Here are my Sunday shares for the week - 

1. This 'out of office' tee is my current fave & is perfect for summer

2. I bought this top from the Nordstrom anniversary sale & it is a great teacher top! 

3. First year teachers, want to know more about the classroom supplies I rely on year after year? Or my answers to the first year teacher questions I received? Click here to go to my new category, Teacher Talk   

4. In person I often get asked where I get my hair ties & if I like them...I love them, check out what I'm talking about here  

5. I own this style pant in multiple colors and buy a couple pair a year for school, the perfect work pant to me! Currently 50% off! 

6. Looking for a way to relax after work? This will do the trick 

7. If you're looking for a good work shoe that is not a flat, but still comfy these are my go to

8. My favorite sticky notepad with tabs 

9. This is the tote bag that I use for school, I have used this bag since college- I have now had it nine years

10. Needing this laptop case, so cute & rings true for teachers! 

Happy Sunday! 

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