My first thought this morning...how are we already to July?!?!!
Where does time go when you're on summer break? I will say that I am already missing my school year routine, but I know I need to savor every minute of this summer break as possible. Here is my roundup of Summer Sunday shares- 

1. THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! Sorry, all caps are totally necessary. Here is a link to their catalog for a preview. This is by far the best sale of any retail store all year
Fun fact: I interned with Nordstrom my senior year in college! The store is near and dear to my heart (and wallet)

2. What I am currently reading

3. New eye cream purchased at Sephora this week- what teacher does not need eye cream? Let me know

4. I've really been on a supplement kick lately and have been doing some research (focusing on collagen)- this Inner Beauty Box at Sephora is something I want to try

5. A good deal on flair pens! 

6. My Mac keyboard skin that I love ($12!) 

7. Looking for summer approved tanks? Check my Friday style post all about them! 

8. My favorite teacher shoes- I own four pairs!

9. Cute 'teacher survival kit' hand sanitizers, now available to purchase online! These would make for cute, cheap, and easy B2S gifts! 

10. The best 'school' pants! I buy one or two pairs each school year in a different color, I now own at least 10 pairs! You can get 40% off your entire purchase through tonight at midnight with code PARTYON

Have a great Sunday!

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