I'm spending today in the Berkshires having just celebrated my best friend's wedding last night. Today will consist of traveling back to Texas, but before I hop on a plane I wanted to share my Summer Sundays shares with ya'll! 

1. I have used this planner for the past two years, and I plan on using it again this year! The cover could not ring more true for a teacher. I also love this cover option

2. Anyone traveling this summer? I bought these headphones for my fiancé for Christmas and then he bought them for my birthday (because I kept stealing his). These are a must have in my book for flights. Sometimes I wish I could wear them to school too (lol!) 

3. My FAVORITE pastel colored highlighters

4. The best way to curl your hair and get volume

5. Lip balm I can't live without and have multiple tubes of 

6. Looking for a new devotional? Check my devotional post to see my current reads and what's on my wishlist 

7. Do you use the Goodreads App? I usually create reading lists on my phone or I just take pictures of the books I want to read. This app keeps what I have read and what I want to read all in one place

8. How much water should you be drinking per day? I found this article interesting because it debunks a common myth. One of my summer goals is to continue drinking enough water each day

9. Really wanting to buy this pillow. I haven't been sleeping well lately and one of the problems is I cannot seem to get comfortable. You can read more about sleep products from my Wednesday work-life balance post here

10. Who else will be applying for grants next year? Over the summer I will be working on my grant list so I am prepared for when the grants roll out. This website updates there grants list frequently so you can see what is available! 

Happy Sunday! 

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