Today marks the first summer Sunday for me! I have yet to sleep in as I am still on my work sleep schedule it feels like, so I woke before the sun came up. I am excited to share this new summer adventure with you on Summer Sundays! Keep reading for my Sunday shares...

1. My favorite white tee

2. Currently reading this. I'm only half way through and still haven't decided how I like it, but I have to finish books once I start them. So no putting it down now

3. Both of these books are on my current teacher reading list- book 1 and book 2 (book 2 is for first year teachers. Even though I'm going into year 5 I know I can still learn some helpful information!) 

4. I got this cute little bride pouch as a gift from my BFF. I plan on buying this one for my bridesmaids. They also make a teacher pouch! (totally tempted to buy it of course)

5. My favorite face mask that I use multiple times a week (and carry on approved for travel!) 

6. Recently bought this teacher tee and love it! 

7. How Instagram's new algorithm works

8. Fellow bloggers- I use this website and their free downloadables to help me plan my blog/instagram account 

9. I signed up for this teacher technology online PD for the summer (it's free!) 

10. In honor of National Rose day (sorry, a day late), I bought Cuppy this toy at a local boutique and found it online here

Happy Sunday!

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