What do you turn to in your closet when you are in a hurry and do not have time to put together an entire outfit?
This dress is what I turn to, every single time. 

I love that a dress is not a two part outfit so there is not much thought that goes behind it and that the outfit can still look put together when truly it was just the easiest outfit choice that morning. 

Dresses are a wardrobe piece that I am beginning to stock up on more for work because of the easiness of throwing it on and going. But, I will say that it has been difficult at times to find work appropriate dresses that also don't break the bank. Because lets face it, when you're a teacher your clothes don't always stay clean throughout the day, hence the needing to be affordable part.

This dress is under $50, comes in multiple colors (I own two and will probably buy at least one more!), and is long enough for school!  


My picks for more work appropriate shift dresses under $100

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