Every teacher needs a teacher tee right?
Not your typical run of the mill t-shirt from your school, but a t-shirt you picked out yourself that you love. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't own one of those "teacher tees" until this past school year, after four years of teaching. I stumbled upon an Etsy shop on Instagram that creates teacher tees and other accessories and it was love at first click-through (btw, how awesome is it that Instagram exists for this purpose?! I have found so many great resource and new friends in the education world here!). 

Also, as we all know and can relate too- when was the last time you bought something for yourself that was teaching related but not directly tied to your student's needs or classroom supplies? I feel as if sometimes we teachers can get bogged down in our project shopping lists and what our students need that we forget about ourselves. Or we scroll through instagram and think "That's so cute! Maybe I'll remember to buy it later..." Well, now is the time my friends! With summer officially here one of my goals over break is to find the joy in our profession all over again. One way I am doing that is finding teacher created items for teachers that make me happy when wearing or using them! 

Below are a few of my current faves from the cutest teacher tee and accessories Etsy store-

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