A white button up should be at the top of every women's and men's shopping list if it is not already a closet staple owned. 

There is a timelessness, effortless ease to the white button down. It never goes out of style, you can wear it to work as well as casual, and it is offered at every price point. 

For several years now I have been practicing purchasing classic quality pieces instead of fast-fashion pieces that are out of style the next season. I want to build a wardrobe that is easy to wear for years to come so I don't have to replace everything the next year. Don't get me wrong, I love a good trend, but I will only purchase a couple 'trendy' pieces each season. This leaves me room in my budget (and closet) to buy more staple pieces. 

My favorite white button up at the moment is from Madewell. It is super light weight (which is a must in Texas) and has a cute tie front. 

Some of my other favorite button ups can be found below:


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