Who does not love a clean, crisp white shirt? 

White and black has always been my two go-to color choices when shopping. One of my students this week actually asked if I was wearing all black for a funeral. I laughed and said no, that it was just the most easy to grab and look put together without much thought. I mean I do wake up at 4:30 a.m. so I am not going to sit and stare at my closet for too long. 

When shopping I tend to lean towards timeless, classic pieces that have an effortless vibe to them. I never want to look like I tried too hard or wear something that is no longer a "trend". One of my favorite stores at the moment to find pieces that fit into this category is Club Monaco. I used to shop here frequently and then for some reason just stopped, but now I am back and wonder why I ever stopped shopping there. Also, did I mention they gave me a teacher discount when I was there last weekend?? It never hurts to ask and usually I never do. But, for some reason I did ask and they gave me 20% off my purchase. Through research I've since found they only do student discounts in store only, but hey, we teach the students so I feel like we're still qualified for the discount. They are also hosting a Memorial Day sale in stores and online for 25% off your purchase through Monday, May 28th! Time to stock up on some more classic pieces! 

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Here are some more closet staple pieces I am loving from Club Monaco right now- 


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