Who else throws on a dress when you’re in a rush and have to head out the door?
A dress is my go-to when I am in a rush and still need to be put together, especially at work.

Over the years I have started to collect a couple dresses from each season that are staple, classic pieces that I can wear for seasons to come. But, sweater dresses are always the most difficult for me to acquire because I cannot wear wool due to my sensitive skin. So, if I am super lucky I can snag a sweater/sweater dress minus the wool.

A sweet teacher friend a couple of weeks ago gifted me a Target gift card and I walked into the store thinking I would just pick up a couple of things for my classroom. Then I walked past the clothing department and thought “Just take a peek,” and there was a sweater dress - perfect for the classroom and casual wear (and only $27!).

To find a comfy, long enough, throw on and go sweater dress that’s classroom appropriate was a sweet little dream for me - check out some other sweater dresses below!

Hannah AtmarComment